Monday, September 17, 2012

Returning to normal

Strict bed rest officially ended for me today.  It was nice to move around more (and more importantly take a shower!) and see other parts of  my house besides my bedroom and bathroom. I'll still be resting quite a bit but at least I can get back to a somewhat normal routine.

There is always some debate as to whether or not this increases my success rate.  Having done one cycle each way, it's not a certain things for me at all.  But, as I've always said, I'll do whatever I'm instructed to in the hopes of success.

I'm now allowed to resume normal activities minus working out and I'm not allowed to do anything that will irritate the stability of my uterus. (Use your imaginations here, folks -- I'll spare you the details of that one.)

I feel as though I should act differently with this precious cargo.  Like I should walk differently, etc.  I hope it's not written all over my face that something is up, but really it's the truth.  Something is up (or "in" if you want to get technical, lol).  IVF gives us too much knowledge in this department.  If I had gotten pregnant the old-fashioned way, I wouldn't have any clue what my body is doing (or trying to do); I wouldn't have any clue that this little being is trying to establish itself.  I would be blissfully unaware. 

This is where I need to ask patience of my readers.  I will know my results sooner rather than later but will not share them here on my blog for a little while.  I know I've shared so much with you all and received so much support, love, and prayers in return.  But this one thing is something I need to keep to myself for a short period of time.

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