Thursday, January 31, 2013

22 weeks and kicking!

I am cruising right along through this pregnancy!  Today was my 22 week appointment.  Nothing all that exciting -- lab check, chat with the doc, and then my favorite part: getting to hear the heartbeat.  My doc is so awesome that she even makes it possible for me to record it (God bless smartphones)!  I'm always reassured by that sound and I never get tired of hearing it.

I was even brave enough to take a pic of myself this week and while I feel like a whale, I was amazed that my weight gain has been a really reasonable 9 pounds.

And since this little lady is so unbelievably active, we've nicknamed her Thumper.  Mainly because she doesn't just kick -- she thumps me!  She also throws in some rolls and turns just for fun and is active throughout the day (and occasionally into the sleeping hours of the night).

Many people have asked if we have a name for her yet.  Not quite yet and won't for awhile as we work our way through the baby name book once again.  We're hoping to nail it down by April but we are also firm believers in meeting our babies first before finally deciding for sure.

Next appointment is in 4 weeks and in addition to the regular check up, I get to drink the nasty sugar fluid (ok not so nasty but still not pleasant) and make sure I'm not developing diabetes.  We also get to start thinking about when the little lady will make her arrival!

Our puzzle is slowly coming together and the piece that is this little person inside of me grows stronger every day.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ultrasound Day!

Aside from getting that call from the nurse with the news of my positive pregnancy test, today is one of my favorite days during pregnancy.  We finally got to get a good look at Baby Manke and hopefully, get a peek at the goods.

Baby Manke was very active and not enjoying the ultrasound experience at all which made for some giggles and laughter by us and the tech.  But finally, the tech got the view she needed.  Baby Manke is now Baby GIRL Manke!

It is more than we can hope for after being blessed with two lovely and active boys.  And it seems as if Baby Girl will follow in her big brothers' footsteps.  She is measuring spot on for her dates and looks terrific in utero.

Our missing piece of the puzzle is starting to get clearer and clearer with each passing day....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It's amazing how our concept of time changes depending on what's happening in our lives.  With infertility, time can pass at a snail's pace or at lightspeed depending on where you are in the process. 

Time can fly by when you suddenly realize that it's been 6 months and nothing has happened; denial about how long you've been actually trying can pop up here. I used to fudge that number myself in the early days.

The infamous two week also messes with your concept of time.  This time period between ovulation and either the start of a period or the time when you can take a pregnancy test.  The two week wait can seem like years when you're trying to get pregnant.  Even the 3 minutes it takes to process a pregnancy test at the end of that time can seem like hours when you're staring at it. 

Time also seems to creep by when you're waiting.  Infertility treatments mean a lot of waiting around.  Waiting for tests, for periods to come (or not come), waiting to get on the calendar at your clinic, and waiting to get the call from the clinic with your results.  All this waiting without having a clue much of the time what will happen.

Then if you're lucky like I am, the waiting ends.  You're finally where you want to be!  Then your concept of time changes again.  Now you're counting your pregnancy in weeks.  Ask any pregnant woman and most can tell you down to the day how far along they are.  For example, as of today, I am 19 weeks 1 day pregnant.  Time passes in a whole new way.  Suddenly you're calculating at what stage of pregnancy you'll be when something happens or when something happened.  It becomes a new way to mark time.

Once your miracle makes his or her entrance into the world, how you view time will change again.  Now you're marking time by how old your baby is (1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 18 months, etc).  Time here, at least in the newborn phase, seems to move by so slowly mainly because you're awake all the time!  Then suddenly, just like that, time is speeding along again.  They always say enjoy these days with your kids because the time goes by so fast.  In some aspects that's very true.  In others, not so much. Time creeps by when your child is sick and you just want the meds to kick in so they can feel better.  But time speeds by like a race car when it comes to milestones such as walking, talking, eating, and eventually, going to school.  I ask myself all the time where did this Kindergartner in my house come from.  Wasn't he just born a minute ago?

While we have a number of concrete ways to mark time, your life experiences are really the ones that help you mark the time in your own life.  I hope that you are marking the time in a way that makes sense to you and gives you the most peace.