Monday, September 10, 2012

Retrieval Day

Today was retrieval day.  I reported to the clinic at 11:30 am as instructed and waited until they called me back.  Surprisingly enough, I wasn't nervous. Changed into my hospital get up complete with paper booties over my socks and a hair net over my hair.  Then I met with the nurse, anesthetist, and doctor (not my own but still a wonderful doc). It turned out that the anesthetist was one I had worked with on my last cycle so she remembered my issues with anesthesia and was able to reassure me that all would be well again.

With one last trip to the bathroom and I was off to the procedure room to get hooked up to my IV.  For some weird reason the procedure room smelled like cookies and it made me giggle a bit.  The anesthetist said the last woman had said it smelled like Cocoa Puffs.  It was odd but a good way to break the ice.  She hooked me up to my IV and off to dream land I went, waking up approximately a half hour later in the recovery room with my husband sitting in the same chair I had left him in (even though I knew he had gone to another area to do his part).

Another half hour to wake up, monitor my vitals and finally have something to drink, and I was pretty much good to go.  Half hour car ride home, stop for a smoothie, and I was back at home ready to rest for the afternoon.

The doctor appeared for a brief minute to let me know he was able to retrieve 8 eggs and that I'll hear from the embryologist on Wednesday with a status update on how many we have and how they look.  Hopefully they'll be able to give me a transfer date but they are projecting either Thursday or Saturday.

I am back on meds again but at least it's just an antibiotic, the easiest med of all in this process.  Wednesday I start my progesterone in oil.

Now to continue to rest (Tylenol is all I'm allowed to take and it's not quite cutting it) and cross my fingers for good embryo results.

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  1. Eight eggs is awesome!! I'm praying all goes as planned. Thinking about you during this amazing (and tough) journey!! I hope you're feeling rested today <3