Friday, September 14, 2012

Embryo update #2 and transfer date

As promised the lab called again with an update on our embryos and with my transfer information.  Unfortunately, one of the embryos stopped growing and we are now left with just two. 

My transfer is scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) at noon unless the lab calls back to move it one more day.  They want to get the embryos to what's called a blastocyst stage.  Here are two very good articles regarding blastocyst transfers: Article 1  and Article 2 .

Trying to stay positive in the midst of all this has been very challenging.  I had expected very different results given my previous cycle.  It is a sobering reminder that even though I'm only 34, the results of this cycle confirmed what the blood work early on had already told us:  reproductively, I am aging faster than normal.  And now I worry about egg quality.  Am I rolling the dice on bad eggs?  It's a hard thought to process.

Adding to this stress has been the fact that scheduling all of this has not been very favorable to my schedule nor to the schedules of the people that are helping us.  Luck has not been on my side in scheduling all of these procedures.  What's even more frustrating is that there is little I can do about this.  I am at the mercy of the clinic. 

The same is true when it comes to fate of my embryos.  I am putting them in the hands of my doctor and the embryology lab team.  I can only pray that the Lord gives them guidance to make the right decisions for me and for them.

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