Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 8: Progress check

The problem with having done IVF before is that you start to learn what the different numbers and measurements mean for your cycle.  Today's appointment and blood work was not as upbeat as I would've hoped for.  At this point they start to measure and see how many follicles I have growing. 

Based on how uncomfortable I've been feeling I had expected a big number.  That was not the case however.  The ultrasonographer was only able to measure 5 follicles -- 3 on one side, and 2 on the other.  There are number of smaller ones but too small to be counted and more than likely they won't catch up in time to be retrieved.  This is not the best news but definitely not the worst either.

The nurse initially then said she was slightly concerned about one follicle in particular because it seemed that it was growing faster than it's 4 other friends.  She told me that rather than waiting until Friday, she wanted to see me tomorrow.  Upon talking with the front desk, the appointment times they offered were not compatible with my schedule.  See, my older son, my first IVF miracle, is due to start Kindergarten tomorrow!  I had already interrupted his life enough with this process and I just couldn't do it to him again.  It was bad enough that I would miss the second morning of school by being at the clinic.  When I realized this, I unfortunately (and surprisingly to me and the receptionist) burst into tears.   Once she got out of me what was wrong (I swear the staff at my clinic are angels!), she was able to find me a time that would work.  I would have to wait, but I would be able to be there for my son.

Fortunately, after the doctor reviewed my blood work and ultrasound results she decided she did not need to me to come in tomorrow after all.  Friday's appointment would be enough.  I'm hoping that I will be able to get a firmer idea of when they would like to do the retrieval but I'm not positive they will be able to.

So for now I remain cautiously optimistic.  I had hoped for better news, but I am trying to remember that all is not lost, and all it takes is one....

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