Thursday, September 20, 2012

All hot on the Western front

So far life has returned to normal, complete with colds for the 3 men in my family.  I've been doing my best to rest and relax, get enough rest, and just generally take it easy.  I am getting antsy to return to exercising but I know it's for the best that I don't.

The one thing that's new?  Hot flashes.  It seems that I'm hot all the time.  And maybe flash isn't quite the word.  They seem to be more like waves for me.  Ugh...I can't tell if it's a sign of good things to come or just a side effect of the the hormones I'm on. 

Yesterday I started my estrogen patches in addition to my daily "butt" shot of progesterone in oil.  The upside to getting poked in the butt every day?  I get to moon my husband!  (gotta find the fun somewhere, right?)

The things we do for our children!

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