Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 9: Just for fun

Since this is my 3rd IVF cycle I thought I would have a little bit of fun and collect some data about my shots.  Might as well make it somewhat interesting, right?  And I was curious too.  I knew I was doing a lot of shots, but I wanted to know exactly how many times I was poking myself.

As of this evening's shot, I have officially poked myself 35 times.  Yep, that's right -- 35 times!  Holy smokes, I knew it was a lot but I had no idea it was that much.  Throw in 3 blood draws and I've been poked nearly 40 times.  And I've barely just scratched the surface.  If I am successful, I am facing shots until somewhere around 10-12 weeks of pregnancy; another 70 - 80 more shots plus what I still have to finish up with the stimulation meds.  That's a grand total of over 100 needle pokes.

You really can't be needle shy when you do IVF!

Tomorrow: progress check and hopefully my retrieval date.

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  1. gets easier and easier each time! I was even doing the shots in the hip on my own - in public!! Good luck! Molly