Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The numbers are in...

Not just election returns of course (I was very proud to be a part of the process not just in voting but also in helping other people vote as an election judge), but my final shot count.  For my own curiosity, I decided to keep count this time.  Since it was my third time I wanted to see if I could find a way to make this interesting. So, you're asking, just how many times did I get poked in this process?  There are three categories of needle pokes: blood draws, progesterone shots, and the other med shots. 
          1. Blood draws = 10
          2. Med shots     = 42
          3. Progesterone = 55
          4. Total             =  107 needle pokes
Over 100 needle pokes just to get to where I am today.  The number wasn't a total surprise to me, but still shocking nonetheless.  I am extremely happy to be finally done with it all.  The final ones at the end were really tough, and for some reason a lot more painful than before.
The  other news of the week is my first OB appointment.  It was nice to chat with my doctor.  I love this practice really, all female medical staff, and my doctor especially.  She's young like me and very personable but also very competent at her work.  I can ask her anything and she's got answers that make sense to me and my care.  The only disappointing news of the appointment is it was confirmed for me that I will indeed be facing yet another c-section.  I had done some preliminary homework that had indicated that was a very good possibility but I was still hoping the doctor had more encouraging news.  She understood my disappointment though, which made me feel better about the situation.  She also gave me a medication to help with my raging morning sickness since the Sea Bands just weren't cutting it any more.  I'm not real big on taking meds when I'm pregnant but I couldn't take it any more; I need to eat my dinner!  Hopefully I'll only need it for a short time.
I didn't get to hear baby's heartbeat but a quick ultrasound confirmed that s/he is in there and growing; a reassurance any fertility patient needs.  Our puzzle is starting to come together, and the missing piece is starting to slowly slide into place.

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