Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The end is in sight!

Yesterday I made my final visit to the fertility clinic.  After spending weeks going back and forth, it seemed kind of anti-climatic.  Why am I still going even though I'm pregnant?  Good question.  After my ultrasound, I was turned over to my regular OB/GYN clinic but the fertility clinic monitors my bloodwork for the two hormones I was still on - the estrogen patch and the progesterone shot.  A couple weeks ago I was allowed to stop the estrogen patches but had to continue with the progesterone shot and have the levels rechecked.  That re-check was yesterday.  I still have to continue with the shot but the good news is that my last shot will be on Monday!  So only 7 more "butt" shots to go.

I am also progressing on becoming a regular pregnant person in this world.  Today I had my first official pregnancy visit to my regular OB/GYN clinic.  Granted it was just for bloodwork and health history but it's important step for me.  I got to join the other normal looking people in the waiting room, and then in the early pregnancy class (which they made me take for some odd reason).  It was oddly satisfying.  Next week I take another step in this direction with my first official OB visit.

I am also joining the ranks of other pregnant people in the world with my continued reminders that there is indeed a human being growing in my body.  I'm constantly hot, nauseous, and gassy (sorry, I know, TMI).  It's uncomfortable but reassuring that all is going well.

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  1. Love catching up on your blog and all the exciting and fun new news! Go baby go grow! :)