Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Early pregnancy continues....

At just over 11 weeks along I am still suffering/enjoying the trials and tribulations of early pregnancy.  Thanks to the Zofran I've kept the nausea under much better control (it's not 100% effective so there are still some bumps) and thanks to another med that shall remain nameless my stomach is behaving itself much better.

I finally felt well enough to start slowly exercising again.  I wasn't a huge exercise nut but I spent a lot of time on my bike this summer, did a kettlebell class, and kept up with my regular yoga class.  Of course, once IVF started all that had to be put aside.  It just wasn't safe for me to exercise until I got clearance from the IVF doc.  I got that clearance several weeks ago but feeling absolutely crummy does not inspire exercise.  But, finally feeling better, I decided it was time to get moving again, even if it meant a slow walk on the treadmill for a half hour.  It felt good to move again but somehow I felt extra protective of my body.  I have a passenger along for this ride now and it made me more cautious.  Hopefully that feeling will fade and I will get braver about it. 

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling a little better. 11 weeks already?! Yay!