Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The $3300 UPS package

Today one of the most expensive and curious looking UPS packages arrived at my door.  UPS is at my house on a fairly regular basis (at least 2 or 3 times a month) to deliver books (I have a mild Barnes & Noble addiction) or clothing items that I've ordered online.  However, I can only wonder what the UPS delivery man thought when he saw this box on his truck.

Not only is it a big box but it's marked Perishable and taped closed with tape that read "To be opened only by addressee" and "Open immediately and store items in the refrigerator".  To add to it, I also had to sign for it (not something that I need to do with the other packages that usually arrive at my door) and the sender's name was only listed as an acronym -- WSP (Walgreen's Specialty Pharmacy).  He was clearly curious and somewhat taken aback at this box.  However, as my UPS delivery people usually are, he was professional about it and once he confirmed my name, he was on his way back down my driveway.

The box arrived during lunchtime which meant I had to set it aside for a little bit.  Of course my kids were instantly attracted to this box (with my youngest seeing how well it would work as a chair and my oldest asking if he could play with it once I took the stuff out), but fortunately for me, lunch won out and they forgot about it.  I, however, had a harder time ignoring the elephant in the room.  I'm one of those that love to get mail and packages but for some reason, I was dreading this one.  Just another step closer to acknowledging that this was really happening again.

Once lunchtime passed, dishes were done, and my kids were again playing in the other room, I opened the box and took inventory.  Here's what I had inside:

The big red box on the left is my Sharps container for my used needles, the two vials on the left are my one Valium (for my embryo transfer) and my antibiotic (to be used after my egg retrieval).  The 4 blue boxes are my Follistim (stimulation medication), the two small boxes are my progesterone in oil (used post transfer), the bigger narrow box is my hCG (trigger shot), and the last vial on the right is my Micro-Dose Lupron (suppression medication).  Last but not least the pharmacy very helpfully organized and labeled all the different needles I would need to use.  They also included (but not pictured) a helpful DVD and handouts regarding all of my medications and how to properly use them.  I can't get any more prepared really.  Well, okay, maybe I could be more mentally and emotionally prepared.  But I have everything I need to help us find the missing piece to our puzzle....

Only 8 days to go until the first shot.....

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