Friday, August 10, 2012


For everything even remotely important in your life, there is paperwork.  And while we are slowly moving towards a more digital environment, I'm positive there will always be paperwork.

Over the years I've accumulated my share of it, and with 2 IVF cycles under my belt, I knew what I was getting into when I committed to this 3rd one.  Today was the day to review the paperwork, pay the money, and order the meds.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that our prepayment was not the close to $12,000 we were expecting but rather a much easier to swallow $8,444.  We were also pleased to learn that it might be possible that the monitoring section of the cycle might be cheaper than previously thought.  Also, we did not have to pre-pay for any frozen embryo storage.  Since they don't know for sure if we'll need it, they don't ask for that money upfront.

In addition to this portion of our clinic visit this morning was a full review of the cycle.  While still seemingly far away, it also seems like it's right there.  I found myself feeling overwhelmed right off the bat.  I keep thinking that I should be more used to it at this point; that I shouldn't feel this way.  It's all old hat, right?  I should be more prepared.  But I find myself feeling like it's the first cycle all over again.

Only 19 days to go 'til the first shot.....

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