Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ultrasound Day!

Aside from getting that call from the nurse with the news of my positive pregnancy test, today is one of my favorite days during pregnancy.  We finally got to get a good look at Baby Manke and hopefully, get a peek at the goods.

Baby Manke was very active and not enjoying the ultrasound experience at all which made for some giggles and laughter by us and the tech.  But finally, the tech got the view she needed.  Baby Manke is now Baby GIRL Manke!

It is more than we can hope for after being blessed with two lovely and active boys.  And it seems as if Baby Girl will follow in her big brothers' footsteps.  She is measuring spot on for her dates and looks terrific in utero.

Our missing piece of the puzzle is starting to get clearer and clearer with each passing day....

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