Thursday, July 26, 2012

This IVF cycle made possible by....

We are not one of the lucky ones with insurance coverage that will pay for IVF.  Our insurance has covered some of the preliminary work at a discount but stops at IVF and medication coverage.  We are fortunate to have been able to easily find financing the two previous times -- the first was through a very generous line of credit through Wells Fargo bank.  It was one time where having a really good credit score paid off tremendously!  The second time we were able to fund ourselves through a patchwork of HSA accounts, credit cards, and bonus money.  It was a little more complicated but we made it work.

We are fortunate this time to have someone close to us lend us the money outright.  Using a contract that includes a generous repayment plan for us and a modest interest rate for him, we are able to make our pre-payment (with some leftover) without any worries at all.  For the difference, we have been lucky to have had enough time and ability to put aside the money.

I know many people desiring IVF are not so lucky.  I am very grateful that this part of IVF has been fairly easy and without a lot of worry or stress.  So thank you to our kind benefactor....your generosity is appreciated beyond words.  Rather than being a large boulder in the way, you've made it possible for it to be a very tiny bump.

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