Friday, July 6, 2012

One last chance

No one aspires to do IVF; at least no one I've come across in all my years of fertility treatments.  It's expensive, painful (emotionally and physically), and down right draining.

Those of us that are facing IVF, whether for the first time or like me, a third time, always hope for that one little miracle.  That surprise pregnancy that means IVF isn't needed.  We've all heard of those people; the ones that tried and tried for years and years, only to stop or take a break and suddenly find themselves pregnant.  I've known a few of these people in my life and of course wished to be one of them.

Given that both my husband and I have fertility issues, I'm fully aware that the odds are very much against me.  To be one of these people, I have one more shot at it.  One more cycle before it all begins again.  One last chance for Mother Nature to cooperate.


  1. Hi, Olivia. I am on Pleasantville with you. I just finished reading your blog. Thanks for all the information you have posted. We go July 24 for our appt. with the RE. We have one daughter that is 9 that we ttc for 7 years. We have decided we are finally in a position financially that we will look into IVF for our next child. I do know that 6 years ago, after having an ectopic pregnancy, we saw an RE and they told us that in order for me to be able to get pregnant I'd have to have both my tubes removed (they are both fluid filled and blocked) and then go through IVF. I'm now 38 and a little worried about my eggs. Hopefully we will get good news in a couple of weeks. If they don't think our odds are good, we will pursue adoption. I wish you lots of luck and hope that your next IVF goes as smoothly as yours in the past have seemed to go.


    1. You're so very welcome! Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'd be more than happy to help. The process can be very overwhelming. My situation isn't quite like yours but there are a lot of similarities.

  2. I was one of those who had a very surprise pregnancy after 5 years of trying. Went through all the appointments, all the early days of meds, counseling and even had endimitrosis (sp) removed (for lack of a better term), our clinic closed the month of July (not really sure why, and got pregnant during that time.

    I will be thinking good thoughts for you through out this. I enjoy reading your blog, and really do wish the best for you.