Monday, April 9, 2012

Man's Thoughts

I am not one to normally talk about my thoughts or feelings on this topic, so this is a unique experience for me.  One area I have struggled with is the male part of this process.  While compared to Olivia's requirements, my part is easy, as I have been reminded a few times.  (I cannot disagree with her thinking, because it is so true!)  I struggle knowing she has so much to do in this process, and I do not do very much at all.

For me, the amount of testing a male goes through is very simplistic compared to all of the tests Olivia has to go through.  The initial testing for all men is a semen analysis.  (For more on this test please go to )

My take on this test is do you have ample swimmers, good swimmers, and strong swimmers.  Since it only takes one swimmer, having millions of them helps the odds.  Amazingly, with all the math and science it takes to make a baby, it is still very much luck of the draw.  To perform this test you are usually in the physician's office with a cup and some reading material.

My numbers came back low, but not out of whack.  With this knowledge, it makes me wonder why I cannot do "the job".  In order to do "the job"right for us, we have used ICSI and will use it again.  Olivia defined this earlier, but I will say it again, my sperm are put directly into the egg because they cannot swim to the target.  I still do not know why my numbers are low, just that they are, and we needed assistance to complete the task.  I plan to investigate this further before our next attempt to see if more can be learned about me.  This will not alter our attempt, just helps learn more about why this may be the case, and will hopefully help us find that missing piece to our puzzle.

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