Monday, April 23, 2012

Infertility Coverage researched by Kurt

One of the areas which can make or break IVF is having insurance coverage or the financial means to cover these health services.  This week I am focusing on insurance coverage for IVF.  Since we do not have any insurance coverage towards IVF, we have learned a lot about this topic.  Since my background is in health insurance, I am very familiar with this topic as well as many other insurance aspects which have helped us understand the coverage we have.

Here is where I would start for mandated insurance coverage:

This webpage is from the regulatory industry for insurance.  If nothing is stated, then you will most likely not have coverage for IVF.  If something was stated, you can see how much variation there is between the states.  Please note that you may still have coverage for other fertility services, just not IVF, so please contact your insurance company or consult your benefits manual to see what coverage you may have.

From that website you can go to either the American Society for Reproductive Medicine or RESOLVE webpage for more information on this topic as well as many others.  These are both great resources for many infertility topics beyond just insurance coverage, so please consider reading them further.  I hope this helps on your journey to find the missing piece of your puzzle.

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  1. Understanding the laws as published may not help many couples, as many interpret them incorrectly. Couples should understand how insurance laws work first.

    Most of these laws apply to group health plans, and therefore the mandates apply based upon where the policy was issued - usually the employer's headquarter state.

    Couples should look at the laws in the headquarter states of both employers for the best odds of finding coverage.