Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anxiety here we come

Today's worries?  Surprisingly not the money; that's actually the easy part.  What if it's twins?  I've been lucky so far to just have one implant.  Or what if it doesn't work this time? I've been lucky that my two full cycles were successful. 

Not sure how I would feel or what I would do if either of these things occur.

A few people have also asked me if I am going to do gender selection to get a girl.  My answer is always two parts:  1) I don't think my clinic even offers that; and 2) I feel like that's just too close to the line of playing God.  I got lucky to have two healthy boys; would I be trading that for something else just to get my girl?  I admit that it would be nice to have a girl.  I'm currently the only female in my household.  But I'm not willing to press my luck; I just want to find that missing piece.

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