Friday, February 24, 2012

Putting the cart before the horse

I'm a planner and an organizer.  Sometimes this means I get ahead of myself in planning things.

I'm already worrying about how we'll set up the bedrooms for the new baby.  There's no question that my house can hold another child.  Heck, my grandparents raised a large family here, much larger than my current family size or potential future family size. 

Do my boys double up and we keep our guest room?  It sounds kind of selfish really since the plan recently has been to turn that room into a library to house my book addiction.  Even more so because the boys are used to having their own space.  I even started thinking about how I would arrange the beds to maximize space for the two of them.

Or do they each get a room and we just shift them around?  Really this makes the most sense.  Everyone will have their own space.  The library dream goes on hold once again, which is hard to swallow because I finally got to see the dream start to take shape when Kurt's cousin designed this absolutely amazing space.  His design was everything I always wanted.

And back to the twins worry.  We've gotten lucky so far in that we've just had singleton pregnancies.  Sam's cycle I had 3 embryos put in, and with Zach's I had two put in.  We dodged that bullet twice.  Will we be able to dodge it again?  The bedroom issue gets even more complicated.

I'm also worrying about my car.  I just bought my car, brand new off the lot, in October 2010.  It's gorgeous, I love it, and it seems to have just the right amount of room for what we need to do.  If we are lucky enough to add another child, to find our missing piece, then things get tight, very tight.  This kind of thing frustrates my husband since we seem to keep car jumping.  The last 3 vehicles we've owned we've only owned for 2 years or less.  It's hard to get ahead on car payments when the vehicle keeps changing.

But the things that excite me about planning this time?  I'm thinking about the baby equipment we'll need.  A new crib is definitely in order.  I definitely got my money's worth out of my old one.  Plus a few other things that we would need.  And Lord help me if it's a girl!   I don't think my budget could handle all the things I would want to buy.

Is all this planning and thinking a positive thing?  Maybe.

Or maybe I'm just putting the cart in front of the horse....


  1. W-e bought our current home (4 bedrooms) with the idea that we'd have a third child and everyone would get their own room. And then we couldn't get pregnant, ended up with Clomid/IUI and resulting twins. The babies are sharing a room -- not the first, nor the last that they will share. We definitely had to get a mini-van as there isn't a car (save for gas guzzling road hogs) that will seat for kids in car seats.

    You'll get it all figured out, I promise!

  2. I bet the boys would have no problem sharing. My kids don't seem to mind at all. We'll see how they feel once they hit the teens though. We might have to get creative in order to give them each some privacy.

    Have fun planning!