Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All systems go!

Today was my final ob/gyn appointment to check on our little lady and make final arrangements for her arrival next Tuesday.  For once, my blood pressure has held steady (a huge relief) and she has made some substantial growth in there.  The doctor is estimating that she'll be north of 8 and a half pounds, and has been head down for some time now.  Her heartbeat is nice and strong in the 140s.

We've been finishing up some last minute errands and to-do list items, and my nesting urges continue.  I keep feeling this need to get things done, and seem to always find something new that I think should be done before she makes her arrival.  Both Kurt and I have been experiencing some anticipation anxiety, which unfortunately is affecting our ability to sleep well (not that I've slept well in weeks with this basketball belly I've been carrying around, lol).  But I know that if she decides to make her entrance before Tuesday, all would be well.  It's an odd feeling to be honest -- this need to do everything possible but also feeling content that everything will be alright.

Next post will be to meet our new little lady!

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