Monday, March 18, 2013

29 weeks and eviction date fast approaching

Today marks my 29th week!  Little lady is still doing her constant acrobatics and lets me know when she isn't entirely pleased with her situation in there.  If I'm hungry or my bladder is full (which it seems to always be these days, sorry for the TMI), she lets me know that she doesn't like it by kicking or rolling around in there until I rectify the situation.

I'm also experiencing more frequent Braxton Hicks contractions.  If you're not familiar with these here's a good definition: Braxton Hicks contractions (WebMd) .  These are basically just practice contractions but they can be pretty strong and mine are usually caused when I've been on my feet too much or haven't had a good chance to rest.  Our little lady doesn't care for these either I've noticed and will move away from where they are (if they're at the bottom of my uterus she moves towards the top).

The other big news to report is that I have my c-section date!  Since I have had 2 previous c-sections (not by choice but by necessity), VBAC is no longer an option for me.  It's very disappointing for sure.  Given that I had to IVF, I had hoped for something to occur naturally on its own but again, my body decided not to cooperate in that department.  Once again, it was out of my hands and a decision that was made for me by Mother Nature.

I am allowed to deliver any time after 39 weeks (which for me is right at Memorial Day) so to make the most of my childcare arrangements, I am scheduled to deliver our little lady on Tuesday, May 28th at approximately 9:30 am.  Of course she could decide she wants out earlier and the c-section would be performed at that time but past history indicates that she'll bake until we force her out.

It's a bit of a relief to have a firm date in hand; after all I am a planner by nature.  But as I mentioned earlier, it's disappointing to have the fun taken out of guessing when she'll arrive.  The important thing is that she gets here safe and the delivery is safe for me as well.  However that happens is irrelevant as I'll have a lifetime of surprises with her.

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