Thursday, June 21, 2012

All systems go!

This morning I completed the next step in the process before we officially launch our IVF cycle -- the saline infused sonogram.  A lovely sonographer, Heather, came and got me from the waiting area and actually remembered me from the last time I was there!  She's very kind and gentle which puts me right at ease given what I know she has to do.  Everything looks great; no surprises at all.  The doctor was very satisfied with the state of my uterus and how my ovaries looked.

The doctor also gave me the results of my blood work, specifically the Ovarian Assessment Report.  If you remember, this particular blood test is new to my clinic and is used to evaluate my chances for a successful egg retrieval.  It's a more involved hormone panel than I've ever previously done so I was interested to see the results.  It confirmed for the doctor that I do indeed have Diminished Ovarian Reserve.  Previously the doctor believed that I may not have this condition because there was no solid proof to back it up, only situational experience.  However, this test left no doubt that this is indeed one of the reasons I cannot conceive on my own. 

The test revealed that I do not have as many eggs as I should for my age.  While it sounds discouraging, it only  means that the medication protocol that the doctor is putting me on is right on.  This is a medication heavy cycle, and they will stimulate the heck out of my ovaries to ensure a good response and a good number of eggs.  The good news from all of this is that even though there is no test for egg quality yet, because I have been able to deliver healthy babies my egg quality is just fine.

So all systems are a go! Our next appointment at the clinic is August 10th with the nurse.  There we will sign our consent forms and make our pre-payment in addition to reviewing any last minute details or paperwork.

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