Monday, May 7, 2012

Chaos reigns

Yesterday morning, as my boys were playing loudly in the living room while my husband and I enjoyed the paper and our coffee, we said to each other after the 5th interruption to referee, "And we want to add to this chaos?"

We say this to each other a lot; mainly on days when we're having a tough time with one or both of the boys.  When the questions from our older son have been endless or when our youngest is having a full on meltdown.  Or when I'm overwhelmed with everyone's schedules and the day has seemingly zoomed by without really getting anything done.

But at the same time, as I was listening to them roughhouse and play with the couch pillows (for the millionth time), I said to my husband, "As loud as they are, doesn't it feel like someone is missing?"  He stopped for a second, smiled, and said "Yeah, it does.  Maybe a little girl to be playing with them too or another little boy to be roughhousing with his big brothers."

So no matter what happens in my house, no matter how much chaos reigns, it still feels like someone is missing.

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